Sports Air Rifle , Assault style by AARMR
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* For Indian Pincodes only

  • 1. Spring Action Break Barrel.
    2. Trigger Fully Adjustable.
    3. Trigger Pull Adjustable from 300Gms - 2kg
    4. 3- Ball Locking Mechanism for Trigger Life of more than 10 years.
    5. Cheek Pad Intigrated Stock.
    6. Ergonomic Grip with Improved Trigger design.
    7. Auto Safety Lever - Air Gun will not fire unless the Barrel is closed.
    8. Poly Ethylene spring guide which decrease recoil by 70%.
    9. Water Resistant space age multi colour ceramic coated.
    10. Stock made up of age resistant nylon 66 fibre.

    Calibre:- 0.177'
    Rifled Barrel Length: 18'/460mm
    Muzzle Velocity: 800 fps
    Muzzle Energy: less than 20 joules
    Locking Efforts: 17 kg
    Weight: 3.5kgDovetail for telescope

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