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One pices

Range is too weak… not as said in the description

Disappointed… range too bad

Precihole Nitro Piston for NX100

Precipell Lead pellets

Very good and very precise Precipell Sting .177 Air rifle lead pellets for a perfect & accurate aim shot.

Blanca Air Pistol 0.177Cal (4.5mm)
Advcat Advcat N.Mbhalda
I'm not happy this.177

I'm not happy


Venkateswarapuram Nellore

Very good service and trustworthy seller

I had prepaid for precihole vx100 nad I got it delivered within 7 days that too in Shillong,Meghalaya ..great n trustworthy seller u can go for it

Can we hunt rabbits??


Timely delivery👍👍👍

Very High Power

This is an excellent rifle with very, very high power. If you believe, this one is even more powerful than the popular NX200 and SDB Xena. Surprisingly, even with flat-head pellets, this thing can penetrate 3 metal buckets straight in a row when fired from a 10M (Meters) distance. While AARMR has done a terrific job, Mr. Singh is no less. He got this product delivered to me in just 6 days. But I have one thing to say, if you purchase this, please handle this with care because it is really extremely powerful.

Nice weapon.. Package was well packed & arrived earlier than expected.. Good reponse from seller!!

Video link:

Air rifle ESA75

Very good and very nice beautiful break barrel air rifle for practice shooting at a very reasonable price. Quality is very good and I am very happy about the purchase.


One of the best product is NX 200 Athena... Wooden finish and RF makes it classic.
Go for it guys, you will have zero Complains.
Thank you airgunkart.

Precipell sting pointed .177 pellets

Well carved and pointed pellets.

The trigger is very hard and stiff but overall quality isn't bad

SDB 65

It's a SDB 65.
This rifle is good for starters. It could be more better if the loading process was made easier. The design is very good. Handling is better and easier too.

Precihole Sports NP60 Draco Nitro Piston Break Barrel- 4.5 Cal




Fit and finish

Awesome.. Prompt response and delivery

Well made and precise

Very well crafted. The precision is spot on . Good range .

Precihole nx100 piston

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Master Shot Flat Head 0.177 Cal/4.5mm

Precihole NX200 Rust Proof Athena Sports Air Rifle

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