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Very fantastic air pistol.

It's very nice air pistol in this range. Nice looking, good range 👍👍

Superb quality and very accurate in my NX 200.

Maharaj ji khedi

Maharaj ki khedi

Super duper

Really good


Help full

VX100 Air Rifle Spartan Mark 2
Jason Ward Kharkongor
Without hesitation!

I bought the Spartan VX100 after reading all the incredible reviews and without a hesitation I bought it right away. Received the airgun intact and as specified. Totally happy with this purchase.


Very powerful gun

nice pellets

sir this air rifal include teliscop in 65000

Very good and very powerful .




Good work.

Low Range and Accuracy

I am getting speed of only 260 FPS. Which is very low

I'm surprised, I love it

I'm only a beginner into this air rifle thing, my previous experience with air rifles being the ones from carnivals or malls.
So, I'm not an authority on speaking about it.
Anyway from a layman's point of view.
I'm surprised by its sturdiness, it feels heavy in hand and solid. I find it surprisingly powerful and accurate up to 15 meters for me at the moment because I didn't try further. I'm loving this.

Mere chahiye

Mere ko bhi 1 chahiye

Great Product & fastest delivery

Product is excellent and thrilling as heavy in weight looks actual revolver, received the product in very good packing and perfection.

Very powerful gun

I want a air gun

So I want airgun for hunting some thing

Completely satisfied

Very good product

Range is too weak… not as said in the description

Disappointed… range too bad

Precihole Nitro Piston for NX100

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